Darrs: July 2015

Some of you have wondered, why Cyprus? Many years ago, in 1994, as Maurice first became a prayer warrior, he circled three areas on our world map: the Southeast USA, Southeast Asia, and the Levant/North Africa region. Levant is the Middle-East, which includes Cyprus. He told me God impressed on him that he was to focus on those areas, one at a time, and God would show him when he was to shift his intercession. That intercession has meant we have been relocated. Well, in December of 2014, God told him we were to shift from Cambodia in Southeast Asia to Cyprus in the Levant in 2015 and so in April, we made that jump. Then we came to the USA for about three months to reconnect here, to explain the shift, and to gain new support.

In the USA for two months so far, we have already had good opportunities to see some of you this late spring and early summer, and we have met new friends as well, some living as far away as CT. God is so good to us!

First, He blessed us with the donation of a comfortable car to travel in, and though it needed a bit of work, the second time it broke, He even provided a garage where someone covered that bill. In addition, we have been given the chance to help Maurice’s mom with her own vehicle repair costs, something a son likes to do. God is good and understands all our needs and desires. We will be able to help her with some home upkeep labor too, while visiting her from time to time over the total three months or so that we are in country.

Where have we been during this time? We have been primarily hosted by Ros’s brother and sister-in-law in northeast Georgia, allowing us to use their home as a base. From there, we have made trips to Crossville, Kingston, and Knoxville Tennessee to see family and friends. We have also made two trips to Fort Mill, South Carolina to our mission base of Christ’s Mandate for Missions of Morningstar Ministries for conferences and for a roundtable on missions.

Where are we now? Early to mid July, we are in Corpus Christy and Houston Texas with our daughter and her husband’s family and we will also be meeting new friends at the Elijah List Southwest Prophetic Conference. Then we will return to the Southeast and see what God has for us next.

What’s next? In late July, we will spend some more time with our eldest daughter and our grandchildren and other friends in Tennessee.

In mid-August, we will head to northern Virginia to see friends, and then on to the First Annual Great Commission Conference of Christ’s Mandate for Missions, Morningstar Church in Moravian Falls, North Carolina, near Boone. If any of you would like to go also, there is still time to register. We will gladly give you the info how.

Finally, the first week of September we will go to Vestavia California to see our son and his wife and family.

Want to see us? If any of you that still want to connect with us while we are in country and desire us to come to your place the third week of July or during the first two weeks of August, let us know. Either email rosdarr@withhimministries.org or call her cell phone 706 768 5994.

New Website design and info: We have designed a new website that we hope you will take a look at and enjoy reading. The home page graphic is particularly suited to the times we live in; it shows how the Lord wants us “oak trees” showing off His Glory in the darkness. There is an explanation of that design in our sharing “what we have been hearing from the Lord” this year for the Church; just click the link on that home page. Also included is a more complete bio of our ministry service in various areas of the world over the last 30 or so years. And there is a link to our continuing update letters from Cyprus and a page showing how to Support us in the ministry through the CMM of Morningstar Missions that we are connected with. See our new website: www.WithHimMinistries.org

 God’s Resources for this ministry:

We have received several one-time gifts on this furlough, that we rejoice in the Lord Jesus for, both for our travels here and for the Cyprus ministry. We pray God’s blessings on each who have given in some way.

We are in great need of pledges of Monthly Support in order to leave for Cyprus in September, as we believe God has spoken to us to do. We need an additional $2500 monthly pledges to meet that goal. Many smaller monthly pledges could potentially meet this total. God is Mighty as the Provider to us all and we believe He will provide, also through some of you.

We know that many in this nation are already stretched and are concerned with other ministries too, but as the Lord Jesus puts this ministry He has in mind for Cyprus on your heart, we will rejoice at your generosity, your obedience to his mandate for missions, and we know that God will meet your own needs according to His wealth in Christ Jesus.

What are the ministries that we sense God wants us to do with Him in the nation of Cyprus?

(Note: Cyprus is NOT part of Greece, but is a separate nation on an island close to Turkey, Syria, Israel, and Egypt. Half is the EU nation of Cyprus; half is occupied by the nation of Turkey.)

First, we are to prepare the Church there, both Greek Orthodox and Protestant, to open their hearts further to the LORD’s heart desire for the ethnic peoples besides them, those they have been locked in hostilities with for centuries through various forced occupations. This open heart of forgiveness is so that, as the LORD is soon bringing in a harvest speedily, the existing Church will receive them with openness and love, with no bitterness, and help disciple them. That miracle of reconciliation will be a work of the Holy Spirit; Maurice’s role is to assist them by forming teams of Cypriot intercessors to pray for their nation.

Second, we are to be good neighbors in a small city made up of Christians and Muslims, a city which has two mayors, one from each group. We will open our hearts, our lives, our home, and will go into their segregated cafes and personal homes to love on them and to share with them God’s love. We will want to hire language tutors to help us become adept in both Greek and Turkish languages.

Third, we will have outreach to the children through storytime using Through the Bible flannel graph with figures they can also manipulate on the board. They will undoubtedly share some of these stories with their mothers and God will draw some to Him more fully and to know Jesus.

Fourth, we will foster performing arts classes, choir, and instrumental music that draws in youth and adults from both groups to do these together, and thereby facilitate reconciliation and the flow of God’s love.

Fifth, we will be offering Values Training Roundtable sessions, based on Biblical Christian principles, to government and business leaders and their staff. Roslyn has experience doing this with military cadets and believes the LORD will open up this door in Cyprus.

Sixth, we will make as many bridges as the LORD leads with the Hebrew community in Cyprus”while also strengthening ties with Israel, like He had us do from the “get-go” when we first arrived in Cyprus April 5 this year and were providentially invited to an Orthodox Hebrew Passover seder. We know He has plans for these connections too, and His heart is also for them to know their Messiah and for Cyprus Christians to open their hearts to them in many ways.

Seventh, we will participate as often as we can in the corporate worship intercession watches at Living Stones House of Prayer and other houses of prayer in Cyprus, stir up the prophetic gifts and healing gifts for that nation in as many avenues as the LORD leads, and encourage those hidden in the northern part of the island in the Turkish maintained area.

Eighth, we will look to bless the nation in physical ways. One way is through assisting in English classes for refugees at Oasis Project Center and offering computer classes perhaps to older refugees. Another may be to help the nation’s water shortage be met, as the LORD shows new avenues of resource.

So, friends, family, and partners in prayer: these are specific ministries He wants us to do with Him in the nation of Cyprus in the Middle East and we need funds to be there, to live there with them and be the LIGHT among them

As He enables you, partner with us financially in these ministries and receive the same reward from Him, as Jesus promised all his followers. Look at our website, on Support page of www.WithHimMinistries.org and see how to do a Recurring Donation monthly and ask Him to provide the way. And a hearty thank you to each of you who are praying faithfully also.

Leave Date: We are already getting guidance from Him in dreams and visions about what He is doing and will do in Cyprus, and we have shared that with some of you face to face as we met with you. The LORD has let Maurice know that He would like us to be back there no later than the Day of Atonement. So that means, leaving no later than mid-September. Thank you for your prayers and love for us in this transition.

Communicate with us: Some of us communicated your own prayer requests to us, and we will remember to pray for you and these matters. Others who want to–do let us know what is on your mind and heart and how to pray for you too. Look on our website for our both our current phone numbers and email addresses. www.WithHimMinistries.org

Keeping step with His Spirit and resting in the peace of Christ,

Roslyn and Maurice