Darr: November 2016

Cyprus Report (where we live among Muslim Turkish speaking Cypriots)
November 2016:

Nestled in the southeast Mediterranean surrounded by Turkey and the
middle east lies the island of Cyprus, Biblical Kittim. 60 miles from
the Turkish mainland, 100 miles from Syrian coast and a mere 24 hours
under sail power from Israel. For 3000 (three thousand) years Kittim,
now known as Cyprus, has been a crossroads for empires and commerce.

Roslyn thinks of it as the heart of the Middle East. She has felt the
Lord’s heart beating there strongly for the peoples of the Middle East.

For Christians, Cyprus is the home of those of the diaspora who first
brought the gospel to the Gentiles in Antioch (now Hatay, Turkey), the
church which later sent out Paul and Barnabas to plant churches
throughout Asia Minor (mostly Turkey today). Cyprus is the place were
Barnabas and Paul began their first ministry trip (Barnabas’ home), and
where the first Gentile Ruler of the Roman Empire believed in Christ.
Cyprus is the place where Barnabas restored young John Mark, and where
resurrected Lazarus finished his next twenty years as leader of the
Larnaca church.

Today in spite of many troubles, Cyprus is a hub and training center and
place of restoration for Christian ministry from throughout the Middle

Our Assignments With Him

Cyprus is where the Lord has moved Maurice and Roslyn Darr to pray and
make disciples and to strengthen believers in unity. To engage with the
ministry to trafficked women from throughout the region and eventually
to establish a leadership training center of discipleship of ME

Like in the early days of Christian Church, Cyprus is a crossroads, and
Maurice and Roslyn have been planted at the TOM prayer center in the
North it is a place where workers from throughout the ME region–Turkey,
Kurdistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and even Israel– come for
restoration, rest, and to share their hearts. These workers are not just
foreign, the come from ethnic groups rooted in the ME.

Along with others God has located at TOM prayer center base in North
Turkish-speaking Cyprus, Maurice and Roslyn are privileged to pour
prayer and encouragement into those Christian workers. It is center of
daily worship and prayer for the region and the specific needs shared by
those who come through the prayer center base guest house constantly.
Some must leave their assignments for three months for a visa renewal,
so they can also engage in the ministries of Cyprus while based there.

Also, Maurice and Roslyn may begin alternating residence with one or
more of those M workers, as visa situations may necessitate the time in
and out for us as well—all of which increases our ministry opportunities
and our understanding of what God is doing in the whole Middle East

Beyond the prayer and support for ministries there is much direct
ministry within the northern Turkish Cypriot side of the island, which
is all Muslim.

Roslyn has an invitation to begin in the public high school as a
volunteer (professional) English language, composition and literature
teacher part-time, and in potentially in these additional ways described

Cyprus is a hub for the sex trafficking industry. Casinos and brothels
dot the island. In this environment the Lord has raised a couple of
ministry personnel to reach out to young women, to establish a residence
and business venture for them. It is in the fledgling stage.

That outreach may involve Roslyn’s travel to Baltic nations in the
coming year, where girls are at risk, in order to do prevention pointers
in public schools and to do a camp for the girls. This past summer 102
of 130 girls at the camp decided to follow the Lord Jesus, and follow-up
is ongoing.

On this Muslim side of Cyprus, God is moving mightily, even in the midst
of increased unrest, and many Muslims are coming to the Lord this year
of 2016– even 50 in one village alone! Another 30 who grew from
internet ministries are also now being made stronger in discipleship.

In addition, both Maurice and Roslyn know that short-term leadership
seminars in discipleship of ME believers from the regional nations are
on our agenda in the coming year.

That training center will  involve his travel to various ME nations for
those connections and invitations to those the Lord is raising up in
leadership to participate in the training seminars at the Cyprus center.

Maurice is called to intercede for and increase the growth of the
fledgling movements of reconciliation and healing in the two groups of
Cypriots, Turkish speaking and Greek speaking Cypriots. The Church needs
to come into unity and. healing from their bitter woundedness since
the 1974 invasion and the occupation by Turkey—its continued government
and military oversight in the North.

Current News: The UN leader is currently meeting with the two leaders of
Cyprus in talks towards making one federal nation in a unified island,
and in the late November, Turkey will be asked to join those
negotiations. If things can proceed at that point, a referendum will be
put to both sides of the island in early 2017. Pray that no violence
will erupt, incited or otherwise.

How are Maurice and Roslyn being supported?
By Christian individuals who pray, and some send monthly donations and
others give occasional donations for this ministry, designated for
Darrs, through Christ’s Mandate for Missions.
By their own retirement stipends.
These ways have sustained us personally to live simply in the island and
to make at least one trip to our home nation, America, per year, to give
reports and reconnect with those friends and with our family—3 married
couples and our 3 grandchildren so far—scattered across the nation.

What else is needed for the additional things He is asking us to do With
Him in Cyprus and in the ME region in 2017?
$500 per month for vehicle rental for Cyprus, for Roslyn to be at the HS
and for Maurice to bring together leaders from both sides of the island
and foster unity.
$1000-1500 monthly for regional travel to rescue girls out of
trafficking, disciple recent believers and make connections for training
leaders through short seminars, and to do the in-out for visa renewals.

To send checks as a tax-free donations, make them payable to Christ’s
Mandate for Missions, like:
PO Box 7705
Charlotte, NC 28241

Include a note that the donation is designated for the DARRS in Cyprus.

If you do not designate the donation, it will go into a general fund
instead of going to DARRS in Cyprus.

To donate electronically to the DARRS through CMM paypal site, we can
send you a link.

CMM tax free missionary donations for the DARRS in Cyprus are subject to
a 10% overhead cost at CMM.

Or if you prefer to send a gift directly to us, to our bank account, our
personal mailing address in the USA is through our pastor brother:
Maurice & Roslyn Darr
c/o Frank Clay
484 Woodfield Way
Cornelia, GA  30531

Note:  We are in the USA in November until early December. USA mobile
phone numbers:
Maurice    704 920-8991
Roslyn       704 920-9079

Please use this email for secure communications as we return to North
Cyprus, NOT our gmail account email.

We welcome Skype calls from you our partners and family.
If you would like to Skype call us, first send an email first to Maurice
to let him know the time you will call us in Cyprus (UTC+ 3).  His Skype
name is: mwdarr