Darr: May 2015

Dear friends,

We have been in the southeast USA since the end of April, staying primarily at Roslyn’s brother’s home in northeast Georgia, though we were able to go to our original home area of Tennessee and see our eldest daughter and husband and our grandchildren and Maurice’s mother and sister’s family some of the month of May. We connected with two churches in TN and one in GA so far. Because we do not have a home in Tennessee at this point, we could not stay on in Tennessee but returned to northeast Georgia for the end of May and first week of June.This last weekend of May, Friday through Sunday, we will be going to the Morningstar Partners weekend in Ft. Mill, SC. We want to reconnect with the leaders of the missionary organization we are part of. We also hope to make some new friends at this weekend meeting of Morningstar supporters who come from many states.

Prayer Requests for this weekend::

Would you pray for this weekend, that the Lord would arrange these connections for us during the times of meal fellowships and between meetings?

Would you pray that He would stir some folks’ hearts to support the ministry He is sending us to do in Cyprus, this island nation so near Israel?

Further Prayer Need:

Would you pray for us during the next two months to have connections with individuals, with churches, with organizations that might add to our monthly support needs for Cyprus? The amount needed doubles starting this fall, with an additional $2,000 needed monthly.

We will be required by that nation to have international health insurance coverage. The first year of health coverage will not cover his heart check-ups or medications, because he has not had prior coverage, so that will be higher out-of-pocket than in Cambodia. We will also have higher housing rental costs and we will need a vehicle to get around.

God has been saying this is a year of double blessings for His people. We pray that for you, dear friends and family of God, that He will double what is in your storehouse.

Would you pray for this doubling for us to arrive speedily as God prepares us to go forth again this September?

As We Look Towards Cyprus for September:

Here is what God has been saying to us about our place to settle in Cyprus: we are focusing on living in a village inside the UN buffer green zone where both ethnic groups of Cypriots are living in the same village. The UN watchtowers are on the hills above the village and there has been calm there and ordinary life carrying on since the war in 1974. Both Greek Orthodox Christians (and a few Protestant Christians) and Turkish Muslims live in that village—however, their children go to separate schools and the men sit in separate coffee shops to play backgammon. There is a youth organization within the last fifteen years that has tried to facilitate creative arts in a unified session once or twice a year, organizing a choir performance or traditional dance performance, and draw in audience from both groups.

Our purpose there: We are being sent to primarily prepare the Christians, through prayer and personal sharing, to live in unity among themselves as Christians, so that the whole community will know that God sent Jesus from heaven (as he said in John 17). Maurice and I will learn Greek, with God’s enabling power, and share this with the men and women through storytelling and through personal sharing. We hope also to learn Turkish to share with the men and women in that way also—to listen to them and to be given opportunities when they will also listen to us and God can use His word to touch their hearts with His love. Because of cultural differences, we will need to do this with wisdom from God. Like Paul the Apostle, we are sent to call them to be reconciled first to God and then to one another. We sense He wants to do this inside the microcosm of this village and then throughout the whole island, where at present there is still division into two separate parts. Primarily, God wants to transform His people to put aside all divisions among themselves, to forgive as Christ has forgiven them, to lay aside bitterness towards others, to walk in the fruits of the Spirit and power of the Spirit that draws all men to God, to honor Jesus, and to walk into unity.

God is showing us other means He may use to bring His blessing on that nation of Cyprus, and we appreciate your prayers for us to know how to develop these means. We want God’s blessing on Cyprus as they bless the people of God, including Israel, in their end-time purpose as a nation.

For those of you who pray also for Israel, keep that in mind also and pray for our continued relationship with that intercession and a training center that we had opportunity to meet with while we were in Cyprus in April: Gateways Beyond training center is in a Troodus Mts. village in the Greek Christian south. This ministry primarily intercedes for Israel and sends teams from Cyprus to Israel for a month at a time. We met two of the Messianic believers they had just brought back with them from Israel to get further training, and they planned to take them with them to another Middle Eastern nation for outreach. These are bold, dynamic young adults that God is using to minister in Israel and in the region, and we are blessed to connect with them.

Our Website and time in USA being developed:

God has been giving Roslyn insight into a message from Jesus in Luke’s gospel which she is developing. She shared it at a church in TN, and we will soon put some notes on our new website.

Maurice is working on a new Website for WithHim, our personal website, and we will share that link with you soon. We will have some teachings on our vision for the people of God, on intercession, and on scriptures for this season, and we will soon start writing blogs and share those links on the website.

While we are in the USA we are asking the Lord what He would have us do to minister to the Body of Christ here. There are major challenges are ahead as the Church prepares for major changes in the relationship between Christians and the culture of the United States. Some of the insights received in Cambodia are directly relevant to this preparation but wisdom says that when, where, and how these words are released will be critical. Wrong timing can make even a correct word ineffective. Please pray that the Lord will show us how or even if these words should be released in the USA.

Link to Support page for us, through the mission we are related to:

Bookmark this webpage for prayer updates on Cyprus http://cyprus.eaglemissions.org/

Donate on by credit card or paypal for Darr’s ministry of reconciliation in Cyprus http://cyprus.eaglemissions.org/maurice-roslyn-darr/

to donate for Darr’s ministry by check to postal address (not tax-deductible) :

THANK YOU! To all who pray for us regularly and to those who send monthly support.

Further hopes for time in USA::

Would you also pray for the rest of our stay in the USA, for God arranged opportunities to speak in churches and to have safe travel in the 1992 car God provided for us? We hope to visit with our other two married children in the west sometime this summer. We are still praying for a “home” in the southeast, particularly praying for a home in northeast Tennessee.

We would love to hear from you. Send us your prayer requests, as God leads you and we will agree with you on what God is saying. These are times when many are feeling re-focused to get about what God shows you to engage in that will honor the Father and the Lord Jesus and the body of Christ on earth. We pray for you as you do that.

Hidden in Christ our Lord,

Maurice and Roslyn (Rose) Darr