Darr: August 2016

As you see in the international news, this is a critical time in the
Eastern Mediterranean. We need your prayers more than ever. There is ‘a
bit of change’ also brewing on this Island, and this summer and fall are
quite a significant time that could determine much for its future.

We have now been living on the Island for three months. We rejoice that
we are in relatively good health and have what seems to still be a safe
as well as comfortable place to live. Our assignments from the Lord
Jesus here are becoming clearer each day.

It takes a while to learn how things work in a new place and, since many
workers from the whole Mediterranean region flow in and out of this
prayer center, it takes a while to understand what role the Boss wants
us to play in these projects. It is certainly true that this Island is
both His communications center and also His place of refreshing for


We continue to support the ongoing local outreach with prayer and with
hands on help as needed.  All we can say on this is that things continue
to expand each week.


The ministry of reconciliation and unity the the Body has always been
the core of Maurice’s intercession and it is clear this will continue to
be vital here. According to Jesus, the effectiveness of our witness to
who he is–is directly dependent on unity within the Body (John 17:21)

The Word also calls us to be aware of the spiritual opponent of Christ
who comes to destroy this unity among His followers. So equipping local
believers and workers to withstand the inevitable misunderstandings and
offenses is vital.

However, prayer is the key to this unity. Those who study ‘movement’ and
revival history know!  Since our spiritual opponent knows the importance
of unity, he does everything he can to stir up trouble inside the Body
preceding and during a major movement of the Holy Spirit. Yet, almost
every major advance in the nations was preceded and sustained by
conviction, repentance and reconciliation among the workers and leaders.

Teaching on these things is only a tiny beginning. It takes earnest
prayers like Jesus’ prayer in John 17 to break through human flesh. And
we must realize that unity in the current Body is only the first step.

Bridging the ancient ethnic divisions in the Eastern Mediterranean and
Middle East with unity is the next step and true goal in this day. These
divisions are so deeply ancient that they make the racial and cultural
divides in the USA look like an brief argument.

According to the Word of God, the Body is destined to pull off a
miracle—that at least inside the Body of Christ’s followers, there will
be demonstration that of the blessing that flows through harmony and


A group of 24 women from a nearby nation just spent a weekend here at
the prayer center. They were believers in Jesus, but from hostile
opposing ethnic groups within their nation—groups at war with each
other in a big way for a long time. The beginning of the blessing of
unity began to flow as they rubbed shoulders for three days, eating and
worshipping and praying together. Now, as they returned home yesterday,
they take the seeds of hope brought through the Holy Spirit that there
will yet be ‘one’ in Christ.

As John 17 states, this ‘unnatural’ incredible unity is always the
miracle that convinces the world that Jesus has been sent by His Father
as His beloved son.

With people in the natural, unity is not possible. Even when partially
achieved, it does not bear good fruit. But with God all things are

Paul talks about the ‘one new man’ that bridges all the ethnic divides.
Certainly, we are all unique. Holy scripture states that Jesus himself
is the one who decides the times and places each group will rule
politically on earth. It is also true that each ethnic group has a
unique contribution and place in the universal Body. Those are unique
roles within ONE BODY whose HEAD is the Lord Jesus.


Constant prayer and even repentance on this point is vital because in
this matter the Body has so often been complicit in the conflict. Even
inside this prayer center, we all recognize that the weaknesses of flesh
sometimes allows offenses with one another to rear up, and those must be
constantly taken to the Cross and left there!

So, the Spirit is spurring us on! We must not fall into a malaise, but
press on—on behalf of those in this Mediterranean region, and especially
on this Island– to take hold of what He is holding out His Hand as the
High Calling (Philippians 3:12-14).

PLEASE JOIN us by holding Maurice and Roslyn in your hearts and prayers
as we struggle to intercede and lay hold of this unity in the Body out


For many years now the Spirit has said, though us and others, that we
walk in the Spiritual Gift of Faith. I cannot say that we have seen
confirmation of that over the years– in the sense that prayers are
always answered immediately. What has happened, as we survive near
misses and apparent misunderstandings, is that we have developed an
absolute trust that the Lord Jesus can guide us through. We have seen
good fruit grow in spite of our stumbles. We have seen trials that turn
out to be blessings when we have followed His voice. We have also
developed a confidence that we hear His voice well enough to be close to
His Word and unsure enough of ourselves to look for course corrections.

Right now we have promises for Kittim (ancient name of this Island) and
for this Mediterranean region, regarding the coming days, that we cannot
share here. Partially it is because of security. Partially it is because
the promises—even what was given to the prophet Daniel in the Word–
appear outrageous and nothing in the natural makes them possible! Right
now we are praying for 4 impossible things and many more nearly
impossible things! Nevertheless, the Word of God declares that where
darkness grows His light shines all the more. Good things are happening
and more are to come. Praise be to Jesus!


We moved into the northern side of the Island as an act of faith that
more provision will come in. We rejoice that God gave us 2 additional
individual monthly supporters this summer!

>>More prayer requested

Please pray for larger USA church support for us. Perhaps some of you
would be willing to speak to your pastor and/or overseas coordinator
about us.We could also possibly visit your church this fall in early November.
Let us know if your church might be interested,

>> We still need an additional $1,750 support per month. Here are the 5 reasons:

>We need to purchase a used car. We must be mobile enough to knit together people across the island. Note: a used car will be approximately U.S. $10,000. because even a $5000 used car price is doubled to cover import duty taxes in what the world views as the ‘illegal occupied area’ of this Island.
>We, or at least Maurice, must occasionally do travel within the ME region for ‘connecting’
>We must be able to pay for good language lessons, so we become fluent in the vernacular.
>Roslyn needs at least a minimal health costs coverage plan. Maurice has Medicare for USA.
>We must have sufficient budget for yearly brief returns to the USA to connect with supporters and our families.

>>How do donations reach us?

Here is the electronic LINK for support for us:
Please only use the Donate button on that page that designates gifts
directly to the Darrs. You can use credit card or paypal for donations.
Note: Any other page on that website has buttons that go to that large
organization’s General Account only and will be untraceable for us.

If you want to send a written check as a tax-free donation, please make
the check to “Christ’s Mandate for Missions”
Put a separate note into the envelope with the check indicating it is
for the Darrs.
Do NOT put our name on the memo line of the check.
Mail those checks and the enclosed note to:
Christs Mandate for Missions/MSM
PO Box 7705
Charlotte, NC 28241

If you do not care any longer if your donation for our support is
tax-free, you may send gifts made out to us, directly to us in care of
Roslyn’s brother:
c/o Rev. Frank Clay
484 Woodfield Way
Cornelia, GA  30531


Each of you who love us and pray for us are our ‘Life-line’ and we value
your care for us.Those who can give, well you know you are tapped by God for receiving ‘the prophet’s reward’ as Jesus put it.

God bless and sustain you all, dear ones in Christ!