Darr: December 2017

We are asking you to contend in the Spirit for us and also for those who name Jesus Christ as the LORD in this nation of Cyprus.

Specifically, in the four months we have now lived inside the Greek Cypriot Republic, we have experienced and seen first hand THREE major things related to spiritual strongholds:

1. Eye ducts blocked and no tear production. Eye infections that in some cases have caused blindness. Roslyn has had these eye conditions since August when we moved to this Larnaca district of ROC.

Neighbors have these problems. One is now blind in one eye. We have heard of another with blindness. No tear production in this dry windy climate is extremely problematic. AND the spiritual implications of this condition are significant. We have sensed in the Spirit that the people of Cyprus have hardened their hearts with bitterness and unforgiveness and desire for revenge against those who hurt them.

They proclaim their nation is Christian (Greek Orthodox) but refuse to forgive. They refuse to repent sincerely of the hardness and they have no tears of repentance. The people are angry against the Turks who invaded and took the top of their island (held since 1974) and the Turkish speaking Cypriots who desire security from the Turks. The civil unrest became war, which led to partition and a wall of enmity.

Please Pray for the Spirit of God to move on those who name his name and his Son Jesus, that their dry hardened hearts and eyes will be softened, moistened with tears of sincere repentance for hatred and enmity, and that they will cry out to God to forgive them and help them forgive. Then He can begin to heal their land. And Please Pray Cover for those of us here to were sent by God to intercede for them, so that we are no longer attacked by the demonic stronghold of eye and heart infirmities.

2. Oppression heaviness and Stupor over believers: on the younger adults and older teens of the nation AND on those of us sent here by God to intercede and prepare them in their callings. We have experienced periodic days of attack of oppression and heaviness during these four months when it becomes difficult to press in and intercede.

AND the Christian Cypriot pastors tell us that both they as leaders and the younger generation the Lord is calling have experienced a “spirit of stupor” come on them after meetings where stronger commitments to the Lord were made. The young people who were so moved by God in the worship meetings would then disappear for many meetings afterwards and fall away for a time, due to these concerted demonic attacks.

Please Pray Cover for us, for other missionaries, and for Greek Cypriot pastors and for the younger generation the Lord is moving on here, that this demonic stronghold of Stupor and Oppression can be broken here once and for all.

3. Offenses and Divisions within Christian ministries and between leaders. First of all, there is distortion of verbal communications so that what one things the other said is not at all what was intended or meant. Offenses rise up and and are not checked out or dealt with, but often fester between believers who do not really talk again. And only later, does it become evident there is offense, often with no basis, and an insistence on keeping distance and separate from one another because of these perceived differences.

Second, there is sometimes interruption for no apparent reason in email or text communications, so that when those addressed do not respond, offense is taken. And people become blocked from invitations to participate in strategic prayer events. Please Pray for Christian leaders here to realize the demonic attack on communications and to resist it. Pray for such attacks to cease.

Especially, Pray for the Christians to NOT allow offense and to love one another with sincere deep love. This must be so– that they show the nation that the Jesus who they name as LORD is the Son of God from heaven and His Church is submitted to Him and to each other in love and unity. In order to accomplish our purpose that God sent us here to do, we need to be able to move around the island freely and within the ME region to go to conferences. One is coming up in January.

We are still earnestly asking Him to provide necessary financial resources above the current level. Thank you, dear friends, for Prayer Cover for these critical matters. If you hear something from the Spirit, please let us know. May you know His wisdom and power as you pray, Maurice and Roslyn

Darr: March 2017

Dear friends,

We have long known that we were called by the Lord Jesus to ministry
With Him to nations—multiple nations. We received confirmation of that
from several others through the years, including from a 12 year old
prophetic boy who was a stranger to us during a meeting back in early
2005. The Lord showed Maurice a map many years ago during his
intercessions in TN and asked him to circle 3 areas that he should focus
on: Southeast USA, Southeast Asia, and the Mediterranean/N. Africa

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Darr: November 2016

Cyprus Report (where we live among Muslim Turkish speaking Cypriots)
November 2016:

Nestled in the southeast Mediterranean surrounded by Turkey and the
middle east lies the island of Cyprus, Biblical Kittim. 60 miles from
the Turkish mainland, 100 miles from Syrian coast and a mere 24 hours
under sail power from Israel. For 3000 (three thousand) years Kittim,
now known as Cyprus, has been a crossroads for empires and commerce.
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Darr: August 2016

As you see in the international news, this is a critical time in the
Eastern Mediterranean. We need your prayers more than ever. There is ‘a
bit of change’ also brewing on this Island, and this summer and fall are
quite a significant time that could determine much for its future.

We have now been living on the Island for three months. We rejoice that
we are in relatively good health and have what seems to still be a safe
as well as comfortable place to live. Our assignments from the Lord
Jesus here are becoming clearer each day.

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Darr: November 2015

Dear friends and family of God,

Merhaba! That is Turkish language for Hello!

For those who aren’t sure where we are at present: Although we had spent the summer in the USA preparing for the jump to Cyprus, the door to Cyprus remained closed. Then unexpectedly a door opened for Roslyn to teach at private English learning center for business people here in Istanbul, the Republic of Turkey.

We were reminded of Paul whose path into Asia was blocked, but the Lord opened up Macedonia in Europe instead. Cyprus had looked like the best base of operations for us—and we felt a call to go there, but the Lord seemed to have other ideas at present. As I said above, we have not given up on Cyprus. We will seek the Lord over the next year and see what He has to say this time next year regarding our base location. Meanwhile, we see a strong correlation between this time in Turkey and its contested land in the nation of Cyprus, the half of it that is called the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

What you can pray.
Continue to pray for us in this transition. Maurice’s health is can get challenging in transitions, he needs to find a cardiologist and possibly adjust medication to reflect the new climate and diet. Roslyn is under a lot of stress as she learns new curriculum while working in the classroom with business folk until 10pm most nights. She has not gotten to spend much time in worship, and although people are friendly, we are in no physical danger, and things are relatively open, yet we are on contested ground. Continue reading

Darrs: July 2015

Some of you have wondered, why Cyprus? Many years ago, in 1994, as Maurice first became a prayer warrior, he circled three areas on our world map: the Southeast USA, Southeast Asia, and the Levant/North Africa region. Levant is the Middle-East, which includes Cyprus. He told me God impressed on him that he was to focus on those areas, one at a time, and God would show him when he was to shift his intercession. That intercession has meant we have been relocated. Well, in December of 2014, God told him we were to shift from Cambodia in Southeast Asia to Cyprus in the Levant in 2015 and so in April, we made that jump. Then we came to the USA for about three months to reconnect here, to explain the shift, and to gain new support. Continue reading

Darr: May 2015

Dear friends,

We have been in the southeast USA since the end of April, staying primarily at Roslyn’s brother’s home in northeast Georgia, though we were able to go to our original home area of Tennessee and see our eldest daughter and husband and our grandchildren and Maurice’s mother and sister’s family some of the month of May. We connected with two churches in TN and one in GA so far. Because we do not have a home in Tennessee at this point, we could not stay on in Tennessee but returned to northeast Georgia for the end of May and first week of June. Continue reading

Darr-April 2015

Greetings from Cyprus isle in the Mediterranean Sea,

Orthodox Easter was an Encouragement that God is at work here

We were very moved in our spirits here on Good Friday evening in Cyprus, April 10, that not only the Orthodox Church leaders but also all the heads of state and all the various military guards showed great honor and respect— in a large regal procession from the church to the halls of national government— of the LORD Jesus, the Lamb of God, the Son of God. With full military honors, they carried a flowered empty bier with the Crown of the King of Kings on top, and the military band played beautiful songs of tribute to his sacrificial death. The archbishop minister of the LORD showed true sincerity of faith and humbleness as he spoke an epitaph of honor to the KING of Kings and LORD of lords. This morning, Saturday, the bells of the church rang out to signify the lifting of the veil and laurel wreaths were strewn around, ready for the coming forth of the Risen LORD and King. Continue reading