Darr: March 2017

Dear friends,

We have long known that we were called by the Lord Jesus to ministry
With Him to nations—multiple nations. We received confirmation of that
from several others through the years, including from a 12 year old
prophetic boy who was a stranger to us during a meeting back in early
2005. The Lord showed Maurice a map many years ago during his
intercessions in TN and asked him to circle 3 areas that he should focus
on: Southeast USA, Southeast Asia, and the Mediterranean/N. Africa

We have since been in all three areas, and we know that our connections
to each of these regions of the world are still important—and will

News about our reconnecting in Cambodia, SE Asia
During the 90+ days we need to be out of Cyprus for purposes of EU
regulations in the ROC and to be prepared to apply for temporary
residence in the South, we are NOT going to come to the USA. As you
prayed for us and we prayed, the Lord redirected us.

INSTEAD, our Lord Jesus has opened the way for us to spend this late
spring through the summer in Cambodia. Our grown kids are blessing us in
this decision too. God is good! The airfares to Cambodia are less than
coming to the USA in fact. We haven’t seen the folks there in Cambodia
since April, 2015 and we are excited to reconnect with them.

We are going to “go home” to our sending church that saw us go out to
Cyprus, International Christian Assembly (ICA) in Phnom Penh. We will
even be living in the same ICA neighborhood again.  So in anyway that we
can help out in the ministry there at ICA, we are going to pitch in.

We will be there from April 27, possibly through August. We were given
an opportunity to sublet a home from friends in Phnom Penh Cambodia at a
reduced rate and to care for their gold labrador dog while they are on
furlough for at least 3 months.

Also, we will be involved in a strategic prayer retreat for Cambodia
during the last weekend of April., and then be joined back in that
intercession ministry group during the 3-4 months we are there. We are
thankful that our Lord Jesus has made it possible to do this physically
again with brothers and sisters there.

Roslyn has been assisting the Khmer Christian Inheritance Dance School
(KCIAS) start-up from afar, since December 2016, and she and they are
excited that we will be there to help and bless them on the ground.

Our Base in Cyprus, Mediterranean Region
We know that we are still to base here in Cyprus and our calling here is
still strong. We have been moving ahead with the plan He has given us
here. It is not political, but strongly spiritual.

We have shared deeply with evangelical leaders on the Greek Cypriot side
of the island regarding the Lord’s plan for Cyprus. We also shared our
own experiences of forgiveness and release of bitterness in times of
violence so that He could open their hearts to the Turkish Cypriots and
they prayed with us for those things to happen. This is a good start.

Now, Christian leaders of both sides want to come together for worship
and intercession, soon!! Details are being worked out. Please pray for
protection over this. There have already been some push-back from Satan,
health attacks and financial attacks on a key leader S. in the North
Turkish Cypriot side, to delay this. This needs to be cleared up and
introductions need to be made between the believers of both sides, so
they can schedule this important time of worship and prayer together. It
will not at all be political, just together calling on God our Father
through our Lord Jesus  His Son.

Maurice will be doing training sessions several times in March-April
here in Turkish North Cyprus for new workers from the nations who are
doing outreach and considering long term ministry in this  Mediterranean
region. This is a group of about 20 young adults, singles and marrieds.
Their leadership is based in Kurdistan-Iraq, but they have asked several
fathers in the faith to pour into these young adults.

We will update you again soon! Thank you for praying and supporting us.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus, Eternal Son of the Almighty God,
Maurice and Roslyn